2016 - 2017


860-635-ARTS (2787)

Note: All Private Music Lessons are by appointment

30 Minute Lessons - $112 per month (every 4 lessons)


Areas of study include note and chord reading, music theory, exercises for both hands to improve technique, and ear training. Careful attention is paid to a balanced development of all aspects of musicianship. Instruction includes all styles of music: classical, folk, rock, blues, jazz, country, pop, etc.



Students learn proper finger technique, rhythm, music theory, music history, and expression. Intermediate and advanced students are introduced to a wide repertoire of pieces. While a strong background in classical music is emphasized, students are encouraged to play pieces of varying styles. Lessons are individually tailored to meet students’ musical interests and educational needs. Each student progresses at his or her own pace.



The focus of the curriculum is the development of solid vocal technique. Skills taught include proper diaphragmatic breathing, tone, pitch, and diction. Special consideration is given to maintaining the health of the voice, i.e. using proper techniques to prevent straining the vocal cords. Basic theory and stage presence are also presented.

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